Calorie Calculator Plus

Calorie Calculator Plus will provide you with the information you need to engage in a successful calorie counting process. Calculate calorie requirements, exercise calories, BMI and much more.

Get the most complete calorie calculator on iPhone, iPad and Android. Calculate your calorie requirements, exercise calories, BMI and much more.

Complete Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator Plus is a complete calorie calculator to help you engage in a calorie counting process. Calculate vital pieces of weight loss information such as the calories you should consume to lose weight, the calories burned in exercise, your BMI and much more.

Educate Yourself for Calorie Counting

Included in the app are a series of articles that will educate you in what you need to know about the science of calorie counting. We have reviewed important literature published by bodies such as the American National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and the American Dietetic Association and communicate this information in a way that is easy to understand, but yet backed by the scientific communities approach to a weight loss and calorie counting process.

Calculate the Calories in a Wide Range of Exercises and Activities

The app allows you to calculate the calories burned in over 800 exercises and activities. You can then total the calories burned in a number of activities in order to get a feel of the calories you are burning through your whole days activities.

Plus Much More

Some of the features include calculating your BMI, your weight category (overweight, obese, …) your Basal Metabolic Rate and converting between calories and Kj. All functionality supports both US and metric units and will calculate results in Calories or Kj.